Caitlin Stassa

A lone bird on a buoy and the reflection of clouds in Hollywood Hills Reservoir in Los Angeles, California.

Liminal Blues is an exploration of the coolest hue, focusing on how saturated washes of blue create a sense of immense but immeasurable loneliness.

The series currently features images from 6 countries.

A statue against a cloudless blue sky atop St. Paul's Cathedral in Tirana, Albania.
A telephone pole against a deep blue sky in Casco, Maine.
A lone surfer walks along the beach on a foggy day at Venice Beach in Venice, Los Angeles, California.
Blue volleyball nets on the beach at Venice Beach in Venice, Los Angeles, California.
A broken blue bench inside the walls of Berat Castle in Berat, Albania.
A tiny figure standing on the Cliffs of Moher in Co. Clare, Ireland.
A man stands on the rocks along the Western coast of Gotland, Sweden.
A man standing on a roof in Reykjavík, Iceland against a blue sky.
A single palm tree against a blue sky in Los Angeles, California.
A grey angel statue against a blue sky in Berlin, Germany.
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